Hula hoop exercise does it really help?

July 29, 2011 2:52am CST
Hi mylotters, Does hula hoop exercise really helps you attain a good shape. I want to lose weight or should I say to have a good shape. My built is medium frame and I am satisfied to that but I want to make my tummy smaller but not abs would doing hula hoop helps me to attain that goal ?
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@GemmaR (8526)
30 Apr 12
I have heard a lot of things about this exercise, but I have to admit that it is something that I can't do myself. I just can't seem to keep the hoop up for long enough without dropping it, and this means that I just have to try and find other exercises which would do the same thing for my muscles. Every exercise that you wouldn't normally do will help you to lose weight, and this is something that you should remember whilst trying to do so. Every little helps, so don't think that just because you might not be doing all that much that it isn't having a fantastic effect on your overall health and fitness.
@Suebee (2013)
• Canada
27 Apr 12
Hooping is great exercise for the core muscles and to answer your question, yes it is a good way to make your tummy smaller. Did you know that your technique can exercise and tone different body parts? For instance if you hoop a little bit higher, that is with the hoop around your waist it tones your waist but if you hoop lower, with the hoop around your hips it will tone that part of your body faster.
@xuyxuy (435)
• Philippines
31 Jul 11
I know a friend of mine who does hula hoop everyday and true enough she got a gorgeous body. She also couple her hula hoop exercise with her own diet. She cuts down her carbs intake. Even if she travels, she brings along her hula hoop. I think you can attain your goal as long as your consistently doing it. Good luck on your hula hoop exercise.
@durgabala (1362)
• India
29 Jul 11
I have heard people telling hula hoop helps in reducing the tummy area, but i don;t know about the abs part. even i want to exercise using this ring, but it is not available in my area.