Withdrawal symptoms from Coke

August 8, 2011 9:04am CST
i am pacing the floor forgetting things sweating these are withdrawal symptoms from lack of Coke in my body I need a glass right about now please!
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@maezee (32552)
• United States
8 Aug 11
Maybe it's more of a general caffeine withdrawal - as coke has a lot of that in it - try drinking some coffee? I know though, it's hard to give up soda (damn near impossible) especially when you like something particular. I love Mountain Dew and sometimes Rockstar energy drinks (those are my vices.. among many others) and I gave up the Rockstar for about 6 months and recently have started back on it. Ayayay!
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@hushi22 (4940)
11 Aug 11
is this for real? i have never heard of somene having a withdrawal symptoms. How come you have these symptoms? Have you (for real) been an addict of COke? Sounds unbelievable. hehehe. =)
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
9 Aug 11
i used to be so addicted with cola. when i eat, i work, i do anything or nothing i have coke beside me. but when i met my wife and we started living together she wanted me to control my intake of cola. so sometimes she makes shakes, juices, iced tea that i enjoy drinking. i still drink cola but i have also a lot of alternative for it. i no longer feel that way har har har. plus my mother is half bodied paralyze due to diabetes and blood pressure so i guess controlling my intake of cola help me a lot.
@Jlyn10 (10900)
• Malaysia
9 Aug 11
Glass of water - A glass of water
I hope you will succeed, puddy cat. Drinking too much coke is not good ... lots of sugar in it. Here's a glass of water for you.
@toniganzon (51684)
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
Addicted to caffeine! Well good luck to you and hope you'll get over your withdrawal symptom.
@celticeagle (118583)
• Boise, Idaho
8 Aug 11
I am a Dr. That is I like Doctor Pepper. I think it has a unique flavor and helps keep me regular. I am told it has no prune juine in it but I would beg to differ. Sure does the trick for me. Haha I like cherry coke or something like that but never cared for Coke much. Caffiene is caffiene though.
@2wicelot (2948)
8 Aug 11
Wow!! That is serious. You must have got some serious addiction to coke. Probably it is the sugar or it could be the caffeine. But hopefully it shouldn't be a big problem. But if it is then I think you may need to seek medical attention. Hope you get better soon.