Older women, can you help?

August 16, 2011 6:38pm CST
I am 24 and have 3 kids, I am getting a bit worried. I don't plan to have more children for quite a while yet but, I am worried I may be hitting early menopause. Since my last baby was born my periods, though they settled at first have been farther apart each month, it was 4 weeks, then 5, then 6, then 7... I am also having hot flushes but only at night when I have horrible "fever" dreams every night. Is this menopause signs or something else?
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26 Aug 11
I don't there is such a thing as menopause at such an early age. But I can't say I know about this. That doesn't sound normal for such a young woman. But don't worry just please go see a doctor to make sure everything is ok.
• Spain
22 Aug 11
I agree with the other answers that it would be a good idea to have your doctor check you out. It would be very unusual to have the menopause at 24 and I have a feeling that your symptoms could be caused by stress rather than anything else, but make sure. The troubled sleep is not helping because you are not getting the rest you need, so it's a vicious circle. Having 3 kids, you must be pretty exhausted most of the time and I think it's a good idea to stick with that number rather than to put yourself under further pressure. If you can't spend enough time with each child you would just end up feeling as if you are letting them down, it's not fair to you or to them. Make sure you enlist your partner/husbands help as much as possible and try to get a little time on your own even if it is difficult. Do you have any parents or in-laws who would be okay to babysit? You want the best for your kids, but you wont be able to give it if you are not looking after yourself.
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17 Aug 11
It would be very unusual to enter menopause at your age. Other things could be causing your problems, like hormone imbalance. Go to a doctor and find out. You don't want to wait and let it become worse - best to get it treated before then.