Writing quickly, and slowly

September 5, 2011 12:52pm CST
Writing quickly, but (perhaps) a bit ugly, or write slowly but neat and pretty good? In some conditions are expected to be fast and accurate but may not be as expected due to a limitation in the sense; writing fast: fast moving, but MUST reply with good intuition and directed to appropriate write slow: slow moving, but a very low probability of error due to time & elbow to direct the correct direction (within the elbow and the two options has its own value) Which do you prefer?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
Just Let It Flow ...! No need to be afraid of writing. No need to correct the writing is too early. Also no need to hesitate when writing we'll write the guidelines violates the Indonesian language properly and correctly. You simply let your fingers dance across the keyboard until your mind spontaneously feel plong and steam has been removed entirely. Because of it done quickly, then this activity would not burden your mind. Strokes in a rough draft can be addressed creatively. If the points that you write enough detail each paragraph, then the development of ideas can be done relatively quickly and easily. When you successfully complete a paragraph, I am sure you will get the spirit of completing the subsequent paragraphs.
• Indonesia
7 Sep 11
The quality of recent. But be quick production.
@Porcospino (18427)
• Denmark
5 Sep 11
When I write a poem I write really fast. My handwriting is ugly when I write fast, but I don't want to forget my ideas and it is important to me to write my words dows as fast as a can. When I have finished my poem, I write it neatly in my notebook, but when I write the first draft I don't care about my handwriting at all. I just want to write as fast as I can. When I write a story I usually write on my laptop instead of writing by hand, but if I am away from my home I write by hand and in those cases I also write very fast.