How do you resolve conflict between generations?

@didi13 (2927)
September 29, 2011 8:15am CST
There will always be conflicts and discussions between people at great age difference - between the young and old, between parents and children, between children and grandparents, between the new employee and retiring. What do you get into conflict with a person who thinks he knows what to do you better than you? He wants to help you demonstrate the key to resolving any situation in terms of their own experiences and that we must pay due respect. Sometimes it's good to have such an advisor for that, you know, they say that "who does not have to buy old", but sometimes such a kind does nothing but confuse you. And then begins the conflict. What do you do when you approach retirement, you get to a certain age and you see that young people not granted due respect? Want to share your experience, whether it will or not, and they do not see in you than an old man, overtaken by time. Do you want to appreciate the true value and fail than to read disapproval in the eyes of the young. You know the struggle between generations? Of course in different contexts you met such a confrontation. How do you resolve this?
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@inertia4 (27785)
• United States
3 Oct 11
There will always be some sort of generation gap. Although I do believe it is less now then it was in the past. As far as working with senior members, it is a good thing to learn from them while at the same time as implementing your new ideas at the same time. Even though the old timer has experience, times are also changing and some of the old ideas no longer work. But there is a certain wisdom that comes along with long time experience. We do need new ideas or we would never evolve as a people. But we also, at the same time, need the wisdom of the old timer in order to form our new ideas. We all need to learn from history in order to go forward.
• Philippines
29 Sep 11
There is no way to resolve conflict between generations. The young ones believe they know it all. But mind you, education is a lifelong process. Once a person believes that he knows it all, he stops living. ON the other hand, the older ones think that they ought to be listened to because they are "seasoned" and rich in experience. Both parties do not agree and refuse to listen to each other. The only way to maintain peace is to stay away from each other.