How to switch between operating system by changing bios settings

@mathejo (156)
November 5, 2011 11:03pm CST
When the pc is turn 7 will start then it goes to bios. then it restart then xp will start up.
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@inky68 (26)
6 Nov 11
press del or f2 when you start the computer and then you will find the bios menu, go to advance boot option and then press f10 and save it. :)
@mathejo (156)
• Philippines
9 Nov 11
cool thanks for the help it works :)
@sopigs (107)
• Indonesia
17 Nov 11
i don't really get your question. When i want switch my operating system, i never changing my bios setting. Just install the different operating system in different partition of my hard disk.
@RamRes (1725)
• Argentina
9 Nov 11
You don't need to touch any setting in the BIOS at all, unless you install both OSs on different physical HDs and though the BIOS you choose which one to boot. But it's a lot easier to just install a grub program (Windows includes one by default when you install 2 instances of it) and it will present, at boot time, a nice menu which gives the option to select the OS you want to use each time.
• Pakistan
7 Nov 11
charlestng is right, you aint need bios, you can also have more than 2 OS, subject to availability of hard disk on your system, and it always gives you option to select as you turn on your pc