Celebrity Weight Gain

United States
November 11, 2011 11:34am CST
Settle down if you think I'm slamming overweight people-because I NEED to lose about 40 pounds! Anyway, did anyone see her on Saturday Night Live? I love the song, Mr Know it All, but I couldn't help but thinking she'd packed on some pounds. Like Janet Jackson, she seems to yo yo from being this to overweight! What's up with that? And whats up with Kim Kardashian's size? I've heard she wears a 4-6....UM-how does she get that set of thighs & that rear to fit into such a small size? Plus she is short. I think the tv people do special lighting on her or something! Christina Agularia is looking plump too, as well a train wreck. But Lindsay Lohan's the worst. She's ruined her All American good looks & image and looks like she s an unkept 40 yr old that lives in a tanning bed. Yuck! Any thought?
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