Our weekend guest, Barnaby

November 11, 2011 4:32pm CST
This weekend my son has brought a friend home to stay. Barnaby is a toy dog, and every weekend he chooses which child in the class he wants to go home with for a "holiday". Today he chose my little boy. Barnaby comes with a scrapbook - we have to take photos of all the fun things we do this weekend, and put them in his book. He came home in a little school uniform, so I found him some weekend clothes which he can keep, and took a photo of him in those. We've got pictures of him playing Lego with my boy, being kissed by the baby, and listening to a bedtime story (read by my daughter), and another of him fast asleep in my son's bed. Tomorrow we are having a picnic especially for Barnaby, and on Sunday we are taking him to church. I must admit I am enjoying this as much as the kids are!
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