Auto Surf PTC Sites?

United States
November 12, 2011 1:02am CST
I am a clicker on my ptc sites, I have been doing it for years and only click on legit paying sites. In my daily search for cheat traffic for my links to gain referrals I have stumbled upon a PTC site that allows you to earn money for opening a tab and viewing youtube videos. The best think about it is you don't even have to view the ads, just have the tab open and running in the background, since I usually surf with my computers sound off I don't even know that the tab is open and I can earn 2+ cents a day with this autosurf PTC site. Has anyone heard of a PTC site with autosurf before? Do you think this is a good Idea? Do you think the advertisers are getting there value for there money since the ads being shown don't have to be viewed at all? I think this feature is for advertisers who want to boost there video views and thus getting better search results for there videos instead of counting on the traffic to gain referrals or signups. What do you think, is a PTC site with an auto surf feature a good Idea or not. Thank you all for your comments in advance.