Dos is so funny and smart

@knicnax (2234)
December 9, 2011 1:34am CST
A post here inspired me to write about my cat, Dos. My family really finds Dos smart. So smart for a cat that it's funny. There are times when he acts like a dog. Every night he'll wait for all of my family to arrive. He stays outside the house, either at the veranda or at the gates, somewhere where he as a clear view if someone arrives. When someone from the family does arrive, he fetches us from the gate and races us up the house, meows a little, asks for food and then waits for the next family member. He stays inside the house only if everyone is home already. Right now, his favorite waiting spot is our sari-sari store. A sari-sari store is like a very very small grocery, not airconditioned and people just go up to the store window, point (or tell the shopkeeper) to the product he wants to buy and pays for it there. So anyway, since the sari-sari store is at the same side of our gate, Dos hangs out by the sari-sari store window. One time, our household helper was manning the store and Dos was waiting for my sister. A girl came to the store and bought something. When she placed her payment on the window, Dos pushed/swiped the payment towards our household help, which made them both laugh. After a while, a guy came looking for something and placed his money on the window, only to find out that we ran out of the product already. When our household help told the guy that we're out of stock, Dos pushed the money back towards the guy! Our household help was laughing and so happy with our cat.
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@xjzeng (28)
• China
9 Dec 11
I also like the small animals.However,different from you, I love dogs.Because the dog is very loyal.And for the cat,I have no contact with them and I just think they're very indepedent and free. It's human nature to be free. And I admire them!~ :P
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
9 Feb 12
We have dogs too, but primarily they just guard the house and the garage. We can't let them out freely (unlike dos) because there's this rule in the subdivision that dogs are not allowed to roam around without their owners