Love of My Life

@vustha (18)
January 1, 2012 4:38am CST
what should a wife do to increase / maintain the husband's love ? any positive suggestions are welcome.
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@Bamboee (645)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Jan 12
Being a wife I have often asked this question several times to my self. The answer lies within your heart. I believe that when you give your self completely, honestly and devotedly to your husband - he will feel that instantly and not only will he love you more but he will appreciate you and care for you. Nagging surely does not work with men, specially husband's. They like when a wife is submissive. I am not saying accept and do what all he says. But a wife is the heart of the home, if bring that into your perspective then automatically the heart of your husband will always belong to you. I believe men become more closer when you treat them like they are very precious to you. So give him surprises, and always make sure you convey to him that you love him not just physically but with words - because words are the most powerful source as they are directly imprinted on the heart! Best of luck my friend, I am trying my best too.. hopefully I can reach that stage where I do not have to think about these questions anymore. Happy New Year!
@arjunm (439)
• India
23 Jan 12
Don't argue with him when you see the situation is totally over control or when he tempted.just follow his instructions, make respect him. in that's way you increase your love life with your husband positively.
@shrijsr (577)
• Bangalore, India
1 Jan 12
hello vustha, that's a considerable question on this new year eve. To maintai your husband's love, never stop loving him. I know it is weird of me to say that. But the point here is, initially whenever we enter into a relationship, we tend to show too much of love to the other person you are in love with. But as the relationship gets older, we tend to ignore certain things like giving surprises or telling the person how much you love him, how much he means to you, his effect in your life, how life has beautifully changed after he has come into it and some beautiful things like that. The best way to keep the spirits of your husband high in a relationship even after years and years of marriage is, just love him, love him, and love him. A man can get anything in this world if he desires it. But the only thing he expects from you is love. If he is getting it from you without any limitations, then he and his love is your's forever. The sort of unconditional love that only a women can give him. Speak open heartedly, but be sure that you don't speak unwanted things. Speak all the positives of your relationship. How happy you two are and go back to the cupboard and take out those little little gifts you have shared and recall those moments together. Walk through those memories again. Make him speak his heart out and speak those things that you had left out without telling him in the initial days just because you were shy to tell him. When you speak such things, trust builds up and your relationship will grow stronger and stronger. Good luck to you so that you make things more beautiful with your husband.
• Philippines
1 Jan 12
Love is a result of the respect you invest with someone else. vustha, you have nothing to do just to please your husband. Me myself, I can say that I am contented with my wife "Candy". The love and respect she is showing me every minute of our life makes my love for her more tender. Just be yourself.
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
1 Jan 12
You could try loving types of mobile phone messages. You might enjoy a romantic walk along the river, coast, park or countryside. You could be happy planning a weekend away to a special place. I think that the secret to a happy marriage is clear communication. It helps to build happy memories together. Good luck with increasing your husband's love to you.