Sharing your things with siblings and getting irritated when they misplace it?

@diillu (5128)
January 16, 2012 6:25am CST
Have you ever been in this kind of situation when you welcome your younger siblings to use your stuffs and when you want to use that same stuff, you search the whole house and you don't find it? As for me, me and my sister are really close. We are like best friends. We share almost anything including problems, emotional ups and downs and clothes and other stuffs. She is the one who has advised me a lot during my bad relationships and held me up during my break ups. I love her most. But when I can't find my stuffs like my earrings or my favourite tops the day after she has used it. It irritates the hell out of me. I have asked her to put back those things she had used on the same place after she has used it. But I think this is the thing with younger siblings, they never listen. How many of you share the same experience??
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@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
18 Jan 12
I don't have a sister - I do have brothers. I don't share my clothes without for sure. But other things like headphones and things that they can use I share it with them - I let them borrow it. But it is really annoying when I don't get it back. Worst is that when my brother lost my Blackberry phones headphone
• India
17 Jan 12
YES...Its the same case with me. My sister would empty my entire drawer of key chains, gadgets and stuff that I used to collect. That was the only thing that I had and she used to take them and misplace them without me knowing. I used to get very angry about it. I couldn't help it as i did not have a lock to my drawer. Now I'm used to it but I still wish I had all that stuff that I lost.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
16 Jan 12
I used to share my things with my brothers.I just wanted for them to ask permission before they can use it.There are some cases also that they misplace it when they return it which is really quite irritating that makes me mad,but my mom always reminds me that I'm the older one so I should understand my younger brothers.Eventually my mom will help to find things that I do look for. I guess these really happened to all siblings and I'm used to it now.
• United States
16 Jan 12
My two sister and I never shared clothing o anything other than am pen or pencil. One was a tom bomboy real bad and one was a girly girl. I was the one who like jeans sweats and boys. There was nothing one had the other needed.