your how old?

@talker1 (148)
New Zealand
February 4, 2012 4:35pm CST
So you are heading toward another birthday and while you are not climbing up the corporate ladder right now or anytime soon youve gained some success right? Of course you have. As we all head into what i have heard some say are the twilight years and we think of our accomplishments in our lives what mine are and i am glad to say that there are quite a few there to list. For me this year I am heading into a milestone of a year and I am working real hard to accomplish as much as I can both professionally and personally. Its proving to be a bit of a mission but I am getting there. So what would I have like to achieve by now? You name it- how to deal with debt people lifestyle change money living each day raising a family and of course working.
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@barehugs (8986)
• Canada
5 Feb 12
I never believed I'd get this old! How it happened remains a mystery to me. I just went about living each day as if it was my last. Looking back, I would change very little, and looking ahead is still mysterious! I'm wondering what the future holds, but I'm confidant it won't be any worse than the past, and perhaps even a bit better. I just keep on going to bed confidant that I'll get up in the morning, and hope it continues until it stops!
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
When talkng about achievements in the corporate world, i sometimes envy my batchmates. But realizing my personal achievements and principles makes me believe that i'm successful than them - in my own opinion. ;)
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
I'm 19 years old I've been working since I was in high school and know I'm on my 3rd year in college as a dentistry student, the few things that I want to achieve in my life are to be able help a lot of people,poor people, share my knowledge with computer, math, any field of science, donate money, build my own foundation someday. and be successful in stock market and my own business. unfortunately I wasn't able to build my own foundation and be successful in my own business or in the stock market maybe someday but not know because my allowance is just $3 a day subtract $2 for my transportation, sometimes I spend the $1 for food or water :)
@yahnee (1250)
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
I have worked for 20 years of my life. I have reached quite far in the corporate ladder but I chose to let go of the position because of principles. I am working online for the moment awaiting the results of another job offer. I am now in a position to reject job offers that I find undesirable. Right now, I have been given a very good offer which is quite difficult to reject however I am still in the process of making a decision. Monetary benefits don't matter much since the online jobs also provide favorable earnings though not as big if you will consider a corporate job. I still have lots of time to attain something with my life but sometimes, I tend to give more importance to my own happiness and peaceful existence which I was not able to enjoy during the years of working. Should I return to the field of work that is my expertise, I would be facing once again the stress that I have tried to get rid off.
• India
5 Feb 12
I think age is not the matter when you want to work or enjoy.. It depends on you how you treat yourself.....
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
4 Feb 12
As I have now reached the age of fifty-five I'm in a very good place and feel I have accomplished alot in my life. However, I still have goals that I want to reach in this lifetime from publishing a book to learning to enjoy each day as it comes. I truly thought that I would still have to work but thankfully after working for over 32 years I'm in a comfortable where I don't have to any longer. Paying off the mortgage and having no credit card debt at all is a wonderful feeling at this time in my life. You don't say your age so I can't really tell you what you should have achieved by now but then again its different for every person, I believe.