TOO Aggressive... TOO Submissive...

February 5, 2012 6:27am CST
Which one are you? People can too submissive or too aggressive. Those who are too submissive do not even let out a whimper when they are hurt.They simply accept things as they are,in that way their give up their opportunity to correct mistakes, in the name of patience,they actually fail in their responsibility to lead others to become better persons. Those who are too aggressive will not miss the opportunity to correct other people's mistake,they will readily tell you that you have hurt them even in front of everybody.Aggressive people correct without clarity they criticize others invoking fraternal correction, but at the same time they are not consider other's feelings as long as they have said what they wanted to say.
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• United States
5 Feb 12
I am a passive aggressive personality. I can be about completely ticked off but I'll keep my cool because I know if I lose it, I'll get hurt or someone else will BECAUSE my anger can be cruel. I've said mean things to people and have hurt one or two when I lose my temper and I might not even remember it because I'm just in a haze of fury. I let people walk all over me. It's easier than fighting with them. I don't have to deal with the stress of "defending myself" from someone who doesn't care about me. But there's a limit. My temper isn't perfect.
@5mahi05 (667)
• India
5 Feb 12
hello friend, welcome to mylot! I am usually a person who is TOO aggressive when it comes to career and games. At the same time, when it comes to relationships, then I am way TOO submissive. I have parts of both the characters. All in balance, so that I can be successful in both the prospects of life. I never utter a word, even if it not my mistake. At the same time, I never accept even a little excuse in work.