Be healthy and think healthy

@arjunm (439)
February 6, 2012 1:18am CST
Health is wealth. do you believe this words? keep Health in a free way is an important thing to us. so always try to keep to maintain your fitness and think freely.
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@alquizar (480)
• Philippines
7 Feb 12
Yes indeed I believe on this quotation that our Health is Wealth.If we will be always healthy we don't have to spend just to help cure any diseases that we may encounter.Now a days we should be responsible enough on how to deal with our health by the way we eat,lifestyle change and exercise it is indeed true that prevention is better than cure.
9 Feb 12
Health sure is wealth but some people realise this when they fall ill.A very proper and balanced diet will work wonders in keeping us healthy and disease free.The body works like a machine and food like a fuel.unless we run the machine with good fuel,how can we expect the machine to work problem free.Like wise,till we give healthy and nutritious food,the body will work imagine,instead of fueling the machine with a good fuel,you go for the cheap alternatives,can you expect the machine to work smoothly?likewise if we fuel our body with junk food,how can we expect it to work smoothly.
@yanzalong (10164)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 12
As you see that seeing a doctor is like getting ripped off. If you do it every week, your wealth will go down to zero. It's right health is wealth. By being healthy you save a lot. The problem is that not many people are aware of the importance of staying healthy.
• Netherlands
6 Feb 12
I think you ere a bit true, if you only think positively you would not recognize if you are a bit ill. But when you are real ill you can't do anything on it with your mind. The only thing i always do when i am ill is trying to just do something. So i can come back to normal life quickly. But think positive will help you from coming into a depression very much and you can enjoy life more when you think positive.