Adrian spoils me and sometimes I feel bad about it.

United States
February 14, 2012 12:27pm CST
Have you ever saw the commercial about the razor thing called the no no. It takes off the hair and it grows back slower. Well,that is what I wanted and I never knew I said it in front of him. Well,it is on the way and he told me about it because it is not here yet. I love that he gets me all these things like my car and all. But,I don't like him spending all this money. I told him this and he said he is fine. I am so broke he has to fill my gas tank up. I should just be happy with it all right. That would be the positive way to see this..
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14 Feb 12
In a way, I’m kind of happy that you don’t feel good about taking from him all the time. Yes, you do take from him, and he wants to give to you… but the point I’m making is that you appreciate what he does for you, and you don’t just expect it. If you were to just expect him to hand over everything to you, then he might think you were a gold digger… but you don’t behave that way and that’s good.
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@inertia4 (27582)
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17 Feb 12
He is a cool guy and he does care for you. If he didn't, he would not buy you things like that. And by the way, when you get the NoNo, please let me know how it works, I am thinking of getting that for my girl. I would appreciate it.
• United States
14 Feb 12
This is one of those things that makes a relationship wonderful but can also lead to it falling apart if we don't repay those kindnesses. If you'd like to learn how you can make sure that his generosity and your feelings don't cause problems, please check out my article at . You will find out how to let him know how much you appreciate him without trying to keep score.
@cher913 (25893)
• Canada
14 Feb 12
my hubby bought me roses for valentines day and i felt guilty because we dont have a lot of extra money to spend on anything. (but they are really pretty!)