rememer some simple way to get healthy life

February 21, 2012 5:37am CST
from starting of the day detoxify your self by taking luke warm water with lemon consume less sugar ,less salt food take a lot of fresh vegetable and different color contain fruit good protien riched (soya, toned milk , egg, fish, skin less chicken)food (three times a day) avoid fried food and junk food(which contain high calorie) light dinner minimum 1 hour exercice( 1/2 an hour cardio) use stair, dont use car for walkable distance
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• Philippines
22 Feb 12
Good tips u give us friend.Thnx for all those tips for we are much happy and aware already with our self...
@stary1 (6622)
• United States
21 Feb 12
kaberisarkardutta ..good suggestions..we all need to follow these because without our health life is not as much fun. And...welcome to myLot...I think you will enjoy it here
@GemmaR (8526)
21 Feb 12
Too many people seem to think that living a healthy life is something complicated to do, but this honestly couldn't be further from the truth to be honest with you. I have lost six stone in the past 14 months, and I have done this by cutting out unhealthy food and just making sure that I got a good amount of exercise each week that I would never have got in the past. It is amazing just how much weight you can lose by doing things like this, and you feel a lot healthier and more likely than you would have done in the past.
@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
21 Feb 12
Hi kaberrisarkardutta,I think all of us wants a healthy lifestyle.The problem is we don't have the time to find ways.Even though it is simple to do but most of us did not mind it.Yes,4 glasses of water 30 minutes before breakfast will do.Eat foods rich in fibers,fruits and veggies rich in anti oxidants.
@winston90 (296)
• Romania
21 Feb 12
Thank you! These are some relly helpful advices you gave us. Also, you can make a notebook where you can note all your progress, and establish a program for training (or just fitness if you like). P.s.: Wasn't soya a cause of cancer?