While eating fork should be in which hand

February 24, 2012 12:34pm CST
I am right handed and i think its seems to make more sense to use the right had with fork and knife with left, the way you don't have to be switching while you eat. Being right handed, what you think is the right way to eat ?????
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• Italy
26 Feb 12
Left the fork and right the knife. I'm left-handed and it is the only thing we do this way. I suppose Galateo book says so but I'm not sure. I had to learn to use the mouse with the right hand too!!!
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
26 Feb 12
I think it depends on the person.Me,I'm right handed too and always hold the fork with my left hand when eating meals.But some foods also just required fork like spaghetti so I use my right hand in holding the fork.I just it will be case to case situations.
@hagmic22 (49)
• Israel
25 Feb 12
exactly!! I am also a right handed and I use the knife with my left hand. I have noticed that this habit made people think that I'm left handed. Since most of the people use the knife with their right (and stronger) hand, they think that everyone uses knife with their stronger hand. But generally, I think that it really doesn't matter, and everyone should use fork and knife the way they feel like.
@marianne87 (3526)
24 Feb 12
You're supposed to hold the fork in your left hand, but I don't either and I am right handed. Then again, I have no etiquette at all when I eat at home, most of the time I don't use a knife, I just cut my food with the side of the fork! I only hold the fork in my left hand if I am at a restaurant, and that isn't often.
@Cranos (273)
• Belgium
24 Feb 12
I'd say do whatever feels best for you, it doesn't matter that much. Proper etiquette says the fork goes left and the knife right, but unless you're in really fancy company, I doubt anyone cares.
@petersum (4525)
• United States
24 Feb 12
I'm right handed. I can't imagine trying to cut anything with a knife held in my left hand - it just doesn't work. Even using a knife as a snowplough to push food onto the fork is difficult. No, I'll keep to the conventional way!
• United States
24 Feb 12
Im left-handed, the fork is in my left hand and the knife in my right. All of my kids are right handed, and all of them have the fork in their right hands. Either way I think the right way, is whatever is more comfortable for you.