Reusable nappies

March 13, 2012 5:21pm CST
I have always used disposable nappies with my 3 kids, but my youngest is suffering. She has had bad nappy rash but also chafing on her thighs where the nappy is rubbing badly. I am switching to reusable nappies, which seemed a simple choice, til I started shopping for them. I've got some Cotton Bottoms nappies for a good price, but which nappy covers should I use? And what are these insert/booster things? Help!
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• India
24 Jun 12
Your youngest child is suffering the disposable nappy maybe because your child has sensitive skin that is why he/she is allergic to it. I suggest nappies that has READJUSTABLE BEAR HUG TAPES-has a strong grip to stay in place, EXTRA-SPREAD LAYER-helps spread pee to 100% of gel, BATH FRESH LOTION-helps protect skin against rashes, and WALL LEAK GUARDS-trap wetness to help prevent leaks.
24 Jun 12
She is fine now. We changed to a different brand of nappy. A really cheap, store's value range brand, which isn't shaped and doesn't have any special features - but in fact we are finding them to be better than the expensive nappies. They are wider, and my daughter seems so much more comfortable. They are slightly less absorbent, so they need to be changed a little more regularly, but at the price they are amazing value, and so much better for her.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
21 Mar 12
I didn't use reusable diapers with either of my children because I wasn't educated enough about them. However, if I was to ever have another baby, I would use reusable diapers because I feel like they would be a lot better value for my money and also for the environment as well. With that said, from what I've heard from friends of mine that use cloth diapers, they seem to prefer the Bum Genius ones. They have washable inserts and the cover is washable as well, but doesn't have to be washed with every incident.