I want that house!!!

March 18, 2012 5:37pm CST
Sadly I won't be able to move house for another 5 years, as I got a CCJ a year ago (my partner's fault, I didn't know the bill hadn't been paid and he was too proud to ask me for help). But I keep an eye on the property market so I can see what is available. Today I saw a property a few miles from me, on the coast, at a brilliant price, and if I had the money I would buy it tomorrow. It used to be a guest house and has 6 big bedrooms, and the price is not much more than what we paid for our 3 bedroom house. I want to foster children in the future and this place would have been ideal in a few years, it needs some work but nothing we couldn't have handled. I hope a similar property will be available when we are able to move.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
18 Mar 12
I often see houses that I would love but I have a small house and would like a bigger house closer to amenities but I have been told the only way I could do it is to sell my house first so I am a little too scared to do that, I wish I had enough money to buy forst then sell mine...
@samson1 (738)
• Jamaica
18 Mar 12
Never mind. As long as you remain focussed on your goal (which is to buy that property) and you put your resources into your project, eventually you may achieve your objective. In addition, try to remain healthy and employed throughout your 'property hunting' exercise, ok? Keep your vibes going.., and enjoy the best of luck.
20 Mar 12
Its virtually impossible to find work here at the moment, the economy is so bad. My partner lost his job almost a year ago and we have both been looking for work since then, but there are very few jobs and many people unemployed.
@samson1 (738)
• Jamaica
21 Mar 12
Ooh dear, sorry to hear about your circumstances. However, do not despair, ok? Your opportunity to be re-employed will come, so stick to your goal, no matter what may occur, ok? Best of luck.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
25 Mar 12
That sounds like the kind of house that any person would like to have. We bought our house just four years ago and we got it for what was a wonderful price at the time. Of course, then very shortly after we closed on our house and moved into it, the markets fell, and that meant that the value of properties went down. I would love to be able to sell our house in a couple of years and have the opportunity to move to the country, but for us I really don't think that is a possibility for us.