100% cotton VS. 50%cotton/50% poly blend in fabric/yardage.

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
March 23, 2012 8:04pm CST
I bought a bunch of 50% cotton/50%polyester fabric intending on using it for quilting. After my THIRD attempt at using it and it not working for quilting...I know now that I can't use that blend for quilting and it is 100% cotton all the way for quilts. However... I have prob 40 different colors of solid fabric...and some I can tell is the blend as it is stretchy and thin...some tho, I don't know as it is thicker and stretched. So...does anyone have any suggestions on how to tell which is the blend and which is 100% cotton? I know probably most will be the blend as I know I bought this one brand...Symphony Broadcloth..and that is the blend so that I can pull out, but others...have alot I can't tell plus... I know I could have bought some 100%...depends on if it was on sale or not! I can use the blend for dresses and other things, but not for quilts. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to tell the diff...please let me know. I thought one way was ..wash it and depending on how much ravel on the raw edges...lot of ravel is 100%, not much is blend. But now knowing why/how I know that..not sure if it is true or not. I purposely ahve been buying 100% on last two purchase...one online nad one at Joanne craft store. I compare the them and they are 100% cotton, but they have some stretch! So I just dont' know and am not having any sucess in finding out a test ....anyone out there in MyLot land have any answers?????? Thanks so much!
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@cotruelove (1038)
• Denver, Colorado
24 Mar 12
Hello friend, Thanks for the discussion. My suggestion is that 50% poly blends don't wrinkle easily and regular cotton does. Do the test by crunching it in your fist and holding it for a few minutes. If it springs back, it is the ploy blend, if it doesn't and you have to press it back, it is cotton. May not always work, but I've found it usually does. The 50% poly is usually called wash and wear, 100% regular cotton doesn't qualify for that label. As far as stretch is concerned there are several things that are suggested to stop stretching while you are constructing a quilt. You will never totally eliminate stretching in cotton fabrics. And if you look at aged quilts you will notice puckering from stretching between the quilting lines that is probably due to stretching of fabric. Some of the suggestions are really easy like lightly starching with a spray starch. Don't get carried away with it. The other way to stop stretching is to use a fusible web as a backing and it will add to the stuffing, preferably an iron-on webbing. Hope this helps.
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24 Mar 12
I forgot all about the wrinkle test!! I used to do that to make sure it WASN'T 100% cotton..I had 2 kids and didn't have time to iron all the time! I'll give that one a try. Worst case...I have enough fabric to make all my grand duaghters each a wardrobe!!! By they way cotruelove... since you are the only quilter here...do you know about Missouri Star Quilt Co? It has a fantastic forum and I have gotten so much help from those ladies on so many things. They have tutorials and patterns and helps and a store...love the charms pack and precuts...and you "join" free of course and can participate in discussions, ask your own, everyone has a gallery where they post pics of their quilts (great for getting ideas!)...and a daily deal...where the have a special each day for 50% off or more..and if you buy things....$5 flat shipping no matter how much...free if over $100. Here's the link... http://www.missouriquiltco.com Check it out. Aren't any quilters here on MyLot..I tried to start one up but no takers but you and me! MSQC is really good. She also has tons of YouTube videos and on the site to.