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March 24, 2012 1:03pm CST
Hello friends and lovely people of the Mylot i am sourabh .and i have lots of my friends in facebook . i join facebook from last one year. friends this is not my problem that i have lot of friend . My problem is that am i right to make more friends without knowing anything about them. tell me this i am little bit confuse here......?
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• Indonesia
26 Mar 12
I think it is very wrong to have a friend with out you know anything about them. There are people who like stealing information from people as a based to scammed them ( or their relative and friend ) in the future. If you don't know the person, better not to add it.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
25 Mar 12
Mostly there would be no problem as long as you are not sharing your private information.. Making me wonder, though. Why do you bother to be friend with people in Facebook that you don't know? It would be just fine if only few of them, but it's kinda weird if most of people in your friend list are strangers.. For the best sake of your own social life, better start to add friend that you already know in real life..
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
24 Mar 12
I doubt if you have made real friends by facebook. If you play a game and add someone you have a friend. To me a friend means something different. Might be you added people during playing games or so.
• Canada
24 Mar 12
This is an aspect of social networking that I just don't comprehend, for the most part. I am not sure why people want to have SO many friends - and especially when it is people they don't even know. I know that for some people it's a "badge of honor" to have a lot of Facebook friends... it's almost like a competition to see who can have the most... but to me, I simply don't see the value.
@Wakeupsud (201)
• India
24 Mar 12
It is good to know people but we should stay in line that we should not give personal details and should not share photos with the peoples who are totally stranger to you and they are just friends in facebook only.You should just stay in line as there could be some culprits who can take your photos and could misuse it in some other way.So it is good to stay protected.