Crazy ebay buyer

March 28, 2012 5:42pm CST
I listed a size 8 top on ebay, and only had one bidder. 3 days after winning the auction she has sent me a message. She wants me to confirm that the top will comfortably stretch to fit a size 12. If it won't, she wants to cancel the sale. Seriously?! If you're a size 12, why bid on a size 8 top?! I don't know if I should answer her message (how would I know if it will stretch that far?) or just wait and open an unpaid item dispute.
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• United States
29 Mar 12
I don't see how that's a crazy question. Some clothes do stretch quite a few sizes. You probably should answert or she may back out. But ya, that is a question I would have asked before bidding.
30 Mar 12
Yes, but why buy something, then a few days later say you will only pay for it if the seller thinks it will stretch to fit 2 sizes bigger comfortably? As a size 6-8, I couldn't be sure it would even fit a 10, let alone a 12, and I did say in the listing it was a tight fitted top.
@atwilson (540)
• Indonesia
31 Mar 12
haha.. just patience then marianne. It was a challenge for you. :)