Breastfeeding, baby won't take expressed milk from bottle

April 11, 2012 4:38pm CST
My sister has a new baby and is breastfeeding on demand. She has tried expressing into standard Tommee Tippee bottles but the baby won't take them. She is feeding every hour and a half through the night. When my youngest was born she wouldn't take standard bottles, she had to have bottles with really small teats. I am planning to buy some of those for my sister to see if they help, but she thinks the baby just doesn't like bottles. I also thought maybe warming the teat might help. If you have breastfed and expressed milk as well, please let me know any tips you have. She is exhausted and there is nothing I or my mother can do for her, except take her older child overnight when we can. I saw her last weekend and she looked awful. I don't think she is sleeping for more than a couple of hours a night. I am collecting her older child from daycare on Friday and have told her she can pick him up anytime Saturday, no hurry, but this is the most help I can give her. Advice would be much appreciated!
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