alertpay's worst support team

April 24, 2012 6:50am CST
I'm having a horrible experience with alertpay i made a mistake of upgrading one of my account to business because of this they freeze my account and i had $95 there i request to be downgrade and after sending more than 50 tickets they answered but they declined and ask me to go on verify my account by sending team them my national id and proof of residency it's now 4 days and i still haven't heard anything from them ..I THINK THIS PEOPLE ARE NOT PROFFESIONAL I BADLY need my money to all my subscriptions ..I am not alone on this one when i go to their facebook fanpage all i see are copmplaints about their services
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@camalich (1118)
• Spain
24 Apr 12
Yes... unfortunately there are lots of people having a bad time with them. It's really a pity that you need those processors to earn online in many businesses. I'm always afraid of having a hughe amount in there.... Fingers crossed!! Hope you can fix your problem ;)
24 Apr 12
actually you can request to downgrade your account but my account had to many transactions on it that is why they don't want me to downgrade to personal pro i have not experience the same thing with paypal and liberty reserves it took them 24 to 48 hours to respond to my tickets but it's very different with they seems to be unprofessional money is involve here and they should address this issue
26 Apr 12
good explanation i just submitted my documents to them and submit one ticket only but the problem is it's been 5 days and i haven't heard since then i would like to get my money because i'm very much into money matrix and my subscriptions will end and i had to renew it
@ottona (141)
• China
24 Apr 12
Oh I know! My story is worse that yours - when Alertpay started they allowed small (and unregistered) businesses to use business accounts (as Paypal also did and still does). Then one day, with no forwarning they announced that all business accounts must be for registered businesses and the businesses must upload the various documentation. There was no option for people to downgrade accounts and so everyone without a registered business lost all their money. Sorry to say there is a very good chance your money is gone :(
24 Apr 12
we'll have to wait and see this week one Tarik promised to activate my business account if i could provide my national id which i did so now i'm waiting for their reply it will be bad for their business if people starting a lot of discussions on how bad to do business with them