What have you kept from your baby's "first" keepsakes??

April 27, 2012 2:06pm CST
A poll of UK mothers on a bingo site have kept items such as baby boots and mittens, positive pregnancy tests, umbilical cords and dirty nappies are some of the most popular baby keepsakes. According to this poll umbilical cords, positive pregnancy tests and dirty nappies are quickly becoming some of the most popular baby keepsakes, overtaking traditional items such as locks of hair and first teeth. http://tinyurl.com/ctcvykt I have to say keeping umbilical cords and dirty nappies sounds disgusting. What are you actually going to do with the soiled nappy??? Show it to your child 20 years later?? I have kept a lock of my son's hair and will try and keep his teeth, as for all his baby clothes I have kept them as I mainly bought neutral and am wanting to have another baby so they will come in handy. So what items have you kept?? If your not a parent already what items would you keep???