mortgage lenders and banks are crooks

United States
April 30, 2012 1:58pm CST
I am having so many issues with our mortgage lender. We where with one bank who sold us to this company. When we where flooded we where put on a special disaster program which let us not pay our full payments on the mortgage for six months to help us get the house back in order. So basically we had to pay the taxes, insurances etc. Well the old bank sold us without telling the new lender we where on this program (illegal by the way) so when we where first contacted by this new company it was with foreclosure papers! Well we got a lawyer and got that taken care of but it took 3 months to do so. Then with everything caught up I made a payment early as I have always done to stay ahead. They processed it wrong and tried to charge me late fees for a payment made a month early. While trying to get this fixed via lawyer again it came out that the new lender had tagged an extra $20,000 onto out mortgage for their legal fees for going after the first company for illegally selling us to them. (Illegal also by the way) I have a lawyer service that I pay for monthly and I am so glad becasue I do not know what I would do with out them at this point. This comp[any is horrible and just trying to take us for more money everyday... trying so hard to financially get back on our feet so we can get out from under this...
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@vandana7 (68982)
• India
1 May 12
Yeah..that is rotten and illegal. Your lawyer is right. They cannot charge you the legal fee for taking over your mortgage. Nor can they try to collect for late payment. Good for you that you got a good lawyer. You would also be within your rights to recover the lawyer charges that you are incurring along with some interest on such monies. Let these companies get a dose of their own medicine. Honestly, the financial scenario is such that lenders have little choice but to cut down on personnel costs and raise monies for operations by offering some of their loans. It was obligatory on the part of your mortgage lender to disclose about the special disaster program. You can also sue that lender and try to recover some monies for stress they've put you under.
• United States
6 May 12
We have looked into suing them but in the long run once we spoke to the lawyer we would barely even out in the legal fees to do so.
• United States
30 Apr 12
Sounds like you are really jumping thru some hoops in order to keep your home. I'm glad you have pre-paid legal to help you out. I don't think they should charge you anything for legal fee's when none of this is your fault. Sorry you are going thru all this stress.
• United States
1 May 12
Well they can't and they knew it but they tried anyway. My lawyers say it is illegal for them to do so as they purchased us without anything between us and them. I am glad we have the pre-paid lawyers.