Self Defense Tactics - 3 - Some Basic Throws

@nerein (283)
United States
May 3, 2012 8:37pm CST
Now when it comes to Self Defense, there are multiple types of techniques that can be used. The types of techniques that you should have in your arsenal are Throws, Locking Techniques, Chokes, Strikes, Kicks, Unconventional Techniques, and Weapons Training and Defense. As well when it comes to the different types of techniques the techniques should be practical for street use, should be easy to learn, should be able to learn to use in a short period of time. Here I am going to give the description of three basic throws. There are many throws through out all the different martial arts. With in this and the following few discussions are going to be describing some throwing techniques that are practical and easy to learn. The three throws that I am going to describe are the Shoulder Drop, Circle throw, and the Back Knee Drop. Now here I am only going to describe the techniques. Later on in my further discussions I will describe how to use them in Defense on the street. The first throw that I am going to describe is what is called the Shoulder Drop. The Shoulder Drop is a variation of the shoulder throw. How you do the Shoulder Drop is grab the person by the upper part of there shirt sleeve with one hand, and use the other hand to grab the collar of the shirt. Then slide your front leg over to the left or the right depending on which side you are doing the throw. Next squat down and pull the aggressor down and forward throwing them to the ground. Usually this technique can be applied against and attacker punching you. The next throw that I am going to describe is the Circle Throw. The Circle Throw is a throw in which you take the person down by rolling back and throwing them over. Now to do the Circle throw you grab the person by the collar or some part of the shirt with both hands. Next you put you foot into the stomach of the aggressor, now lean back while dropping to the ground. Next use the foot and toss the aggressor up and over you. The final throw that I am going to describe is The Back Knee Drop. Now this is a good throw/takedown that you can use on someone if you get behind them. How you do this technique is first after defending yourself from an attack you get behind the person. Next you grab the person by the back of the collar or the hair on the back of the head.
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