my religion, your religion-52 weeks

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New Zealand
May 13, 2012 7:11pm CST
beliefs and values: For each one of us, there will be a set of beliefs and values that are within us and these have either been instilled within us (from our parents) and maybe wider families, or we as adults have established these within ourselves for ourselves for the better or our own lives. For me, my religion as i get older is about my beliefs and values and how i implement these into my life everyday, and i do this a number of ways, but mostly through educational interactive awareness. hence why i have called my title, my religion, 52 weeks. Simple, I work at practising these actions 7 52 weeks of the year to be a success. So whats your religion? I invite you to follow my writing: myreligion-52
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
14 May 12
i also try to practice my religion everyday. i would like to say i am a devout Buddhist, but i just came into the journey of enlightenment. so, like every kind of newbie, it just takes practice to do things like daily prayer twice a day. my religion is definitely one where you have to practice, but it brings such enlightenment to one's life.
@talker1 (148)
• New Zealand
15 May 12
thankyou for your response, very interesting my friend.