Damaged Home Button

May 14, 2012 1:16am CST
My ipod touch home button won't function anymore..it's hard to press and is not usable anymore.. I'm just glad that my itouch is 4gen thus there's the accessibility option where we can use the home button in the touch screen.. I was really glad to discover about it.. How about you? Have you experienced your home button not functioning? How did you dwell with it?
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• United States
14 May 12
I haven't had much trouble with my newer one (4th gen with the camera) but with my older one, I'm not sure which generation but it was a nano, I had a lot of trouble with. It was probably because my friend dropped it in her pool... But yeah. No big deal. Lol. I waited it out and bought a brand new one. There was no fixing my old one!
@Guit08 (597)
• United States
23 May 12
Yeah, the bad part about fixing a button or a screen on an iPod is that sometimes with the rate that somebody charges to fix one, you could practically go out and buy a whole new device!
@rashme317 (250)
• Philippines
16 May 12
well my iphone 4s is still in good condition and im also using the home application where in you don't have to use the home screen button ., why don't you bring you're i touch to a technician and try to see if it can be fixed