My baby is jealous of my sister's baby

May 20, 2012 4:22pm CST
My youngest is 20 months old, and my niece is 7 weeks old. Today I was cuddling my niece, just giving her some comfort and letting my sister take a break, but my little girl really didn't like that I was holding another baby, she cried until I put the baby down. As soon as I did that, she was fine. When the baby had her nappy changed and was lying on her mat, I was stroking her hair to keep her calm, and my little one came over and was looking at her. She soon lost interest when the baby didn't respond to her attempts to engage her in play - obviously a 7 week old infant doesn't know what to do with toy cars!
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@kalav56 (11502)
• India
21 May 12
It is a very natural reaction. Your baby herself is only 20 months old and at this stage she normally will have the 'mother 'fixation on the higher side.Just assure her by cuddling her much more.
@lady1993 (20416)
• Philippines
21 May 12
Well, yeah.. babies can be very selfish and jealous when their mother or other people's attention goes to otehr babies. It's in their nature maybe.. My nephew is like that, he even tries to hit the baby to get the attention.
@asdomencil (4276)
• Philippines
21 May 12
My son too get jealous with my wife's neice. When they are at our house and whenever my wife carries the baby, he like also to be carried by my wife. Another is that he will do something to be noticed. Not only with the baby, my son is also jealous if her mom talks someone even at phone, He will do everything too get noticed. I think it will be normal to kids at that age.