The doctor just said woman should not wear underwear at night..

United States
May 24, 2012 1:53pm CST
The reason is because yeast like dark moist areas an this could be something that will cause a problem for woman. I hear of this before and I alos know plenty of woman who don't wear anything under their clothes. I remember one time when tameka came to my house. I was laying on the sofa and got up to get the door. I later went in the rom and she sat in my spot. after she got up and left I can't tell you the awful smell coming from my fraking chair. I had to stop going to her house because she gets high on dust. but,before this she would walk around with her nusing shirt with nothing else. found that gross and she sat all over the cocuch like that. My friend chris told me last night he was there and for that reason he left her home.