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June 4, 2012 2:27am CST
When we say teenage life its the stage of full of experience that we need to encounter that's why a lot of adults stereotype or misunderstand how the life of teenager should be especially in our generation now a days as a teenager. Speaking OF teenager life:D In my situation ,yes!I'm in the stage of adolescents have a lots of plans,dreams,ambitions,goal, and etc. But is this healthy to me when i give up as early as now the a teenage life? I'm in a relationship. My boyfriend is 9 years ahead of me, upon we settle our relationship he told me that if i really love him i should give up those nightlife's, always hanging with friends without him, go somewhere without him, he wants as possible his always their wherever i go. Yes i agree to him about what he wants me to do, but during the night before i get sleep i always question myself is this the kind of life i want to be?I agree that i love him very much but on my stage i have a lot of plans in life pa that i need to encounter. & I want also to experience whats the best & how colorful the life of being teenager... SUGGESTION MY myLot friends what should i say to my bf for him to understand and not to offend or misunderstood to him of what words i throw to him just for him to light up his mine that there are certain things also that i want, because in the first place i don't want him to get offend/upset.
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@lynboobsy11 (11346)
• Philippines
6 Jun 12
If your boyfriend truly loves you he will trust you in a way he will support you in your plans, goals and dreams. But as what you have said he dictates you in what he wants you to do which is not right. Being a teenager you must enjoy the life of being a teenager so maybe I should suggest you to think for your freedom. Life is short you must enjoy it. It is once in a lifetime to be a teenager. I have a14 yr old daughter and I told her it is very nice to feel how to be courted and if you get into a relationship there is no other chance to be courted with other guy which is you will not enjoy because you will already tied up with someone.
• China
4 Jun 12
install computer system,no translation tools,and my english very bad. I think your approach is right.
• United States
4 Jun 12
Don't give your life up for a Boyfriend!! I did when I was 16 and regret it big time cause we broke up when I was 17. But I wasted some of the best times of my teenage life! You should be hanging out with friends, going to house parties, and having fun before you join the real world of working 40 hours a week. 9 years older is quite an age gap and he is in a different stage of his life then you are!! Take a step back and look at the whole picture... Are you happy with the things the way they are or do you wish you had more time with friends and not being in the relationship??