need to create a mylist to proceed

@salma07 (641)
June 5, 2012 1:44pm CST
hi everyone sorry for lacking behind in mylot for all these days, i guess i had some problems and i am willing to face them head on...i guess my spirit is lifted thanks to my fellow back to business..i was wondering if i can create a section, if so there any section where i can put up my daily "do-to" list, so that u guys can view some and support ur friends be supported in return...i was attending this personality development class, and that fellow told me getting praised for things that u have done will really help u become more interested and help u achieve more..i do believe that one should be praised for his/her achieved no matter how little or huge they are..that way u r helping them and supporting them...can i create one..please, please....admins please create on or let me create one myself...what do u think
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