Worried about paying vet bills

June 12, 2012 6:11pm CST
My 5 year old son's cat is unwell, and I need to take her to a vet, but I know they will charge us quite a lot just to look at her, and even more for tests, not to mention any treatment she needs. Until recently we could have got help from a charity, but now my partner has qualified and is technically self-employed (though he has no work yet, and therefore no income) instead of unemployed. So I don't think the charity will help us. Leaving her untreated isn't an option, she is a member of the family and her medical needs are important, so we will find the money even if we have to borrow it. I'm not sure what is wrong with her. She is off her food, peeing on the floor, and one side of her face has swollen up. Her eyes are also leaking a lot of sticky stuff. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? My partner is worried she may have cancer, but I don't think her face would have swollen quite so suddenly with a tumour.
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@Octav1 (1420)
• Romania
29 Jun 12
I am sorry, I don't know much about cats. Only a vet will tell you what's wrong with your son's cat. But it is sure she's in pain, otherwise she wouldn't stay out of food and she wouldn't pee on the floor. Cats are very clean pets, that's what I know. I hope you will find the money you need for her treatment and I hope your son will have his happy and healthy cat back soon.
29 Jun 12
She is fine now. She had an infected abcess from a fight with another cat, which cost us a lot of money to get fixed, but we took it from our emergency money and she has recovered well.
• United States
14 Jun 12
Dear I am so sorry your cat is sick. This is tough.The only thing I can think of is too keep earning online and use the money to help your cat.I really don't know what to say.Even more so that you ate paying for the bills.dors insurance help? I hope you find a way to pay and your cat will feel better.I am sorry I am not much of a help but I really dot know about these things.For right now keep your cat comfy .I am so sorry.