Neighbour asked me "have you seen the ghost?"

June 20, 2012 4:11pm CST
For a few years I have been seeing a shadowy figure walking around in my house, particularly up and down the stairs. I have also had doors slammed and opened, objects thrown, toys tidied up by themselves, and musical toys switched on when nobody was in the room. I'm not afraid of my ghost friend, as it seems to be more michievous than anything else. Yesterday my neighbour asked me if I had seen anything spooky in my house. He said he sees this ghostly shadow walking up their stairs, then through the wall to our house - our stairs are next to theirs on the other side of the wall. I didn't realise we were sharing Spook!
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@MAllen400 (830)
20 Jun 12
If you dont want it in your house when you next hear it ask it please to go somewhere else or be quieter as believe me they do take notice of what you want it just that we forget to do this politely
20 Jun 12
I've been seeing ghosts since I was a small child, it doesn't bother me. This one isn't causing any problems, just making itself known.
@timetravel (1428)
• United States
20 Jun 12
That is so cool! A shared Spook! I guess when he or she gets bored with one place, it's on to the next! Perhaps you could through a neighborly "block Spook party" and invite all neighbors to meet Casper or Casperina!