Social network forum have more negative effects!

July 4, 2012 8:47am CST
The social networking boom which has taken over the world. I want to point out here that the social networking forum is so faultful. The parents should especially pay attention to how their children are spending time on the forum !!!! The negative effect of a new technology are never fully visble in the initial stages due the excitement involved. however with time we observe the moretime we spend online the more connected it induce an invisible layer of stress and presure on the individuals. The concept of a personal private life is also at stake now Even if people using these social networking websites there picture might be on them without their knowledge, friends and relatives take picture of each other and post them online in their albums on these websites, which is indeed disturbing news. The social network forum harm children's brainws also published on the daily mail webside by DAVID DERBYSHIRE.They can shorten attention spans, encourage instant gratification, and make young people more self-centered. So, please go away from these websites!!
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• Philippines
6 Jul 12
Well, there are positive and negative sides regarding social networks. One, social networks let kids and teens voice out what they feel. They let people express their feelings. Also, nowadays, social networking sites are also used for productivity. There are many social networking sites that have groups where kids can talk about their school works and group activities. Some people also establish their business using these sites. The only negative part here is getting addicted to these sites which makes the person spend all their time on these sites.