My Friend on facebook

July 4, 2012 9:12pm CST
hello friends i have more friend on facebook but all of them are my real friends , some time they chat with me and i enjoy that time , i want to make more friend on facebook but when i send more friends request then it show me warning msg .
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@ivade0000 (225)
• France
5 Jul 12
I think warning msg is sent to you because you have been sending friend request to the people who do not know about you at all. So, they will just deny your request and if some of them may even go and report as spam. And in this case here, facebook will just send some warning messages to you. If it continues on, I think facebook will block your account sooner or later.
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• India
7 Jul 12
How long have you been there in the facebook ? I think they give a warning messages for the newbies if so many of their friend request is being rejected. One of my friends has also experienced these kind of a problem .
@kdnater (135)
• India
5 Jul 12
It is obvious , because you don't know them . But there is a way , you can go to the your friends profile and then join the others .
@joevanosa (303)
• Philippines
5 Jul 12
i have a lot of friends in facebook. around 3500, if i am not mistaken and of course, they are all not my friends. some, i have not meet yet. but still it is so enjoyable that you could chat people you do not know and start acquainting them. and later in the future, you both plan to meet up. FUN!
@lazerm (480)
• United States
5 Jul 12
Facebook just makes sure your not trying to "spam" or "friend collect". If you send out a lot of friend requests, Facebook almost always sends you that warning. You should send out maybe 1 or 2 friend requests a day. Plus, if you send out friend requests to people that you don't seem to really share any common interests, Facebook gets suspicious; unless their celebs or athletes.
@ekoytyas (4672)
• Indonesia
5 Jul 12
i just let my friend become my friend list. but for my promotional account, i add almost people on facebook.
@desiree91 (515)
• Malaysia
5 Jul 12
Warning message? What does it say? Can we possibly send multiple friend requests to the same person?