Morse Code

July 10, 2012 5:42am CST
Guys did you hear about 'Morse code'? Do you Know that we use this code for sending Telegram?
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@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
10 Jul 12
Samuel Morse,the Man for whom this code is named,sent the first public Message using the code in 1844 from Washington DC to Baltimore.It became a long distance communication standard,and Amateur radio broadcasters still use it today..and in a "Record Breakers" show I saw recently,with a trained operator,it proved to be STILL a faster means of communication than a teenager with a cellphone using Txtspk!
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
10 Jul 12
ps..are we still sending telegrams (whether using Morse code or not) in these times of mobile,voice,and data communications?
@youless (94718)
• Guangzhou, China
11 Jul 12
Yes, I know Morse code. In the past it was widely used. However, I have heard that it is not available today. In fact you can find the Morse code converter via the net and it is fun to play it with your friends. I love China
@olliekobra1 (1826)
10 Jul 12
yeah morse code has been going for years ships used it for sending messages buy a seris of blips many amateur radio operatives still use it it was heavily used in the war.
@Bluedoll (17039)
• Canada
10 Jul 12
start transmission Mr Morse created an alphabit made up of longs and shorts. · · · — — — · · · which is three letters of significance Hello there Bipradip, 3honour, Shepherdspy I suspect the binary equivalent would then be one is long and short is a zero. If this is so, then the morse long and shorts · · · — — — · · · would be 000,111, 000 in binary? 000=s 111=o 101=k This transmission has been for explanation only and 000,111 everything is 111, 101 stop transmission