How any wise weight watcher Can Expose their Anti-Dieting 'Enemies'

July 13, 2012 5:41am CST
To jump start this article allow me to give you a fast run down on how you and I can recognize anyone or all anti-dieting 'enemies'. They could be firstly such 'enemies' goes by the name of seeming supporters. Secondly they can be nicked named as the sckeptics. Thirdly such people could be recognized as the double crossers. And finally they go by the name of the Nay Sayers'
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• United States
13 Jul 12
Ever watch the shows on obese people. Like, my 600 pound life or something like that? They always have their enablers. They people who bring them food. The one that infuriated me yesterday was the one that had a son who had stomach surgery to reduce his stomach. He was still very fat long after the surgery and couldn't walk and still the mother, who was fat herself as they usually are said that she needed to put some weight back on him. I think she should be shot for that. For every fat person like that it's my opinion there is someone who is there enemy, enabling and feeding them and basically killing them.