Teaching and learning both are important

Mathura, India
August 2, 2012 12:04am CST
Good way sir you are on a right track. You showed your caliber to prove that a power cut at a huge made you more powerful. You have again evolved a new theory that public service was never necessary nor is, to strengthen the power in India especially in ā€˜Cā€™ Company. You have come now in home from power. Pune balasts nearby Anna supporters welcome you. I am sure you will prove how blasts may be a power strengthening toolkit for you. PC has already used this formula recently on several ocassions. I am sure that Pune blasts will make you again more powerful, probably the prime from home. Now you need to follow the way of MMS, who proved that fluttering is most powerful tool of success. One can be even prime for even ten consecutive years long period if he has familiar to use this toolkit well. Teaching and learning both are important. You have a need just to have a class of MMS. After learning, prove that MMS is outdated, kick him out of the door and get promoted, good luck.
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