Should Team Anna provide an alternate?

Mathura, India
August 2, 2012 4:38am CST
Mr Anna Hazare and the members of team Anna are on fast since consecutive 9 days. They are putting their genuine demands since last long. They are demanding to pass powerful Janlokpal vidheyak, to set up a high power SIT to investigate corruption charges as frammed in the reports of CAG and other constitutional bodies on the 15 cabinet ministers (now 14 because one of them is now the president) and other demands. Public is protesting on the road. They are non violet, Movement is hot but peaceful. But the government is not responding. The government is taking every step to prevent their ministers but not ready to accept any proposal of the team. The health of the fasters is not good. Keeping all these things in view, 23 leading personals all around from the country including writers, social activists, actors and so many others, have made an appeal to the team Anna to stop the movement immediately. In appeal they mentioned that we need you. We do not want to see you to be killed. They also appealed to constitute a platform to give the people an alternate in the coming election to elect their representative. Thus they advised the team to keep the public opinion on the floor of the parliament in place of road. Now the team Anna is asking the Indian people what to do? Whether they should go to provide a platform to provide an alternate in the coming general election to elect their representative? They are asking the Indian public to present their views on this question within two days. I want to ask my all the mylotter friends especially from India, what I should do. Should I go with the idea that team Anna should provide a platform to provide an alternate to general people to elect their representative in the coming election or not? What is the address of the site where I can conclude my view as per responding mylotter friends and the phone number where I can send a message?
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@ptrikha_2 (7941)
• India
3 Aug 12
I think the formation of an alternative party is a step in right direction. Even if they do not win enough seats, at least people voting for them would make political parties take notice, and reform themselves. It would be a difficult task to start a new party. However, I would like the new party to work towards people's welfare and not degrade to any meaner outfit.