I am so mad this camera won't come on.

United States
August 12, 2012 7:10pm CST
I am so happy looking at my dining table. My mother gave me a beautiful table cloth and she bought me four placemates to go on the table. I had two little plants on my window in the last place. I put them together and set them at the center of the table. beside my treadmill being in the living room. This room is perfect with everything where it should be. I hope to get my room in order soon. I have my daughters stuff stored in there. I want to show you my apartment but the camera just says it is ready for use and will not come on the screen. I think I will take this to best buy and ask them to help me out. this is getting on my nerves. It is a wonderful feeling when you have no one around to mess up your hard work..
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@sid556 (31005)
• United States
13 Aug 12
Ugh....hate when things are all set up right and still won't work. I just did this the other night with my computer. Everything looked set to go and yet I could not get on the internet. I diagnosed the problem and it said that either I had a bad ethernet or that my wireless remote was unplugged. I checked and re-booted the wireless box. I re-booted the computer...nothing. I went to my storage closet and got out my spare ethernet...nothing. Then I noticed...it was the stupid wireless button on my computer. simple fix but it took me an hour to figure it out! Same with your camera...I'll bet it's just some little thing. Hope so.