Am trying to find wireless internet outside the normal carriers

United States
September 22, 2012 1:45pm CST
I am trying to find wireless internet outside the normal carriers.. I just can't get good connection with ATT.. which seems to rule the market here. Anyone know any carriers outside Verizon, ATT Tmobile ? I have heard there are ways to get it without having a carrier but prefer to do so the regular way.
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• United States
23 Sep 12
I would look into Cricket Wireless or an affiliate of them in your area. I used them for a long time for their internet. They were great except that you only have 5Mbps of high speed internet per month. They don't cut you off after that, but your speed does go down to dial up after that for the rest of the month. So, its not really good if you watch a lot of Netflix or Hulu, but for just coming to MyLot or a few Facebook posts it can be ideal. And they have reasonable prices for their svc too.