I studied all day at work..

United States
October 3, 2012 5:33pm CST
I did not have a customer today,so I had brought my books and I studied all the time I was there after watching my soaps. I left the books there so that I would be forced to take a break tonight. I don't know how I will remember all the names of the bones in the body.That is what I had to do today. I feel so good knowing I have set my mind to getting this done and every day I am working hard at it. I want so bad to get this book done and then read it all over again from start to finish. missing not one page as well. I was talking to the other worker in the shop she is taking her exam in october or nov. I was thinking If I can get this done faster I could work on going down town with her to take the exam. I can't go down there alone because I can't take that train alone. my nerves won't let me. the train feels like it will skip a track it is so fast and above the ground. I got my practical work book today. That one has all the different hair cuts too. I really need to get that one done too. I know how to do some stuff but don't know the proper words to go with what I am doing.. all the bones in the body went in one ear and out the other. i can't for the life of me say any of them. well,in my head i know the brain but that is about it. this will be very hard for me to do. how can I remember this stuff? are you in school and know ways to remember what your reading? I have to read the book and swer the questions and know all the terms and that is hard. like all the different types of bacteria.. I know stephlococci and bacicilia but god knows I can't get the rest of them. well,I hope and pray this will get easy soon..
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@winterose (39917)
• Canada
6 Oct 12
you can't do it that fast, you can take the exam but you will set yourself up to fail. Rushing never gets a job done properly and it doesn't get studying done properly as well. A rushed job is almost always a botched up job.
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@shaggin (39625)
• United States
4 Oct 12
Try taking the terms that you need to learn like stephlococci and write the names and definition in a notebook that you can glimpse at when you need to freshen your memory up. Or you can even take a high lighter and high light the information in the book you really need to remember.
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
19 Nov 12
hi, it is really good to read and read until you have already master them one by one,and that would really helpful to us to learn more faster by reading it everyday when we have such time at home and even at work,but most of the time when we have a person that we can exchange some knowledge.
@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
15 Oct 12
hi gifts I took anatomy and found that you can remember the bones by reciting them out loud and writing them out then reciting and writing from memory til you remember the head bones then neck arms legs and body but now at my age I can only name a few. I study and used to have the ability in a test of seeing the page with the answers written on it in my mind. it would come up inmy mind as a pictu re of my notes.the tibia and fibula the ulnus and radius I think are the a rm bones loll.I was all gang ho at 16 to be a nurse and go overeas during the second world wa r but flu nk out on the making solutions a thing that is not even in the nurses training now but I passed Cna tests perfectl y .The bacteria stephocooi and staphoccus bacicilla and that is alI remember. wow. good lu ck