how you motivate yourself???

October 18, 2012 12:49pm CST
friends, this world is fully filled with heavy competition and full of speed. if you stopped learning then we will thrown to back bench in the class of "life". every time we have to re energize, and boost oursleves, rechare ourselves in many ways. By sharing our happy moments with others, by doing a successful work, by driving our favorite vehicle, by eating our favorite food in a favorite spot, by spending our time with a precious person, by getting profits in business, by doing something, somewhere, with someone... so, in this busy busy schedule what is your "BOOST"?, what is making you "ACTIVE",? in what way you are getting shine and enjoying your life? how your making inspirable others with your words? how much worth you have in enjoying daily life? can you please spend a moment for me? with best regards your ramesh
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@natliegleb (5184)
• India
18 Oct 12
well i keep energising myself like thinking about future and how hard success is to come,its energising
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@KrauseHome (35517)
• United States
9 Nov 12
Well, with as busy as my life is now with getting help to try and heal my chronic wound, and working full time it is hard to stay motivated and positive all the time. Even when Praying believing and Trusting god. I know that a lot of times it takes encouragement from others here, and friends from my church etc. to help motivate me when I am feeling quite down. I just have to keep reminding myself to press forward and one day it will be worth it all.
• India
21 Oct 12
Hello my friend Ji, Well, first of all I wish to wish you 'A VERY HAPPY NAVRATRA/DUSHARA/DEEPAWALI' in fact I was missing you since long. what I am going to bring out from my store has already been posted by me earlier, it may be like a reminder for deealing with our life and living happily. Let's implemenet folowing :- [b]"SATSANG (a) ”If you can balance /stable your mind, when people around you are in un-balanced , and at the same time blaming you”. (NO-reaction) (b) “If you have belief on yourself, when others have doubt and at the same time, you strongly oppose their belief of their doubt” (c) “If you can wait for Good/Bright days without loosing patience/getting disheartened of waiting”. (d) “Everyone around you is deceiving you , whereas you are not in any way.” (e) “ Every body hates you and you do not, at the same time, you ARE not proud to be ‘good’ and ‘wise’. (f) “ If you Can dream, but do not allow them to overpower you, and you Can ‘think’ but at the same time, do not plunge into dreams of ‘thinking”. (g) “If you can welcome ‘gains’ and ‘defeat’ OR ‘profit’ & ‘loss’ with open hearts and they do not unbalance your mind”. (h) “If you can accept your own words in twisted/mutilated /distorted form, happily by ‘fools’ and they do not involve you in their bad plans”. (i)“ If you Can bear/tolerate the ‘gains’ accomplished by you ‘raise to ashes’ , for which you took whole life to build, and at the same time you can once again order your tired hands to restart making”. (J) “ If you can take one chance to reduce your gains in your life, ‘loose’ or ‘gain’ (like a great gambler) (k)“If you can, after loosing every bit in your life, get ready fresh to obtain the same with total energy from all corners of your body and mind, without uttering a single word even”. (l)“ If you Can compel your heart, mind and limbs, when they are so tired and refuse to accept any thing, except that your ‘belief’ and ‘desire’ to order them that they have to march forward and not falling back”. (m) “ If you can roam in crowds, but do not allow your ‘thoughts’ and ’abilities’ to wander stray, and you live with emperor, but do not neglect common man “. (n) “ If you are unharmed by people loving you and people hating you”. (o)“ If you Can respect everybody within the limits, but at the same time nobody”. (p)“ IF YOU CAN REMEMBER THE UN-EXCUSED MOMENT/SECOND (time) OF YOUR LIFE, AND EXPLAIN THE REASON FOR THE SAME”. Then, the whole world belongs to you only and every thing that exists on this, at the same time you fall under the category of ‘ACTUAL HUMAN BEING ’, which is greatest achievement in the life than any thing else”.[/b] One has to fight out and make one's will strong. May God bless You and have a great time
@celticeagle (119858)
• Boise, Idaho
20 Oct 12
I was diagnosed with severe depression with panic attacks about ten years ago. I have had chronic depression all of my life. I don't motivate myself. I look forward to my up days and hope they last. I am on medication and it helps alot. I do get motivated by my writing and finding new and interesting things to write about. I also get motivated when my grandson has an idea and needs help with it. I guess it isn't really motivation but love in that instance.
@eagletrek2 (5275)
• Kingston, New York
19 Oct 12
Hi Read book like think and grow rich there lot of postive motation book out there this help me . here other thing I do some time just some good music that I like, and any startrek show help me to ok have good day.
• India
19 Oct 12
my boost is my family. ma father, mother encourages me a lot. so like wise i cab happy always.
• United States
18 Oct 12
I get my enegery just being me i guess you can say. I am motivating myself to get onto mylot all the time right now so i can make the payout this month and buy something on ebay with the paypal money i have right now. I am trying my hardest to stay as active on here as possibly. I might not get it but at least i know i am close to it. I know we have less than two weeks to get the payout but i feel is i stay active on here possibly i can do it. I have to motivate myself because it makes me want to get the money to buy things on ebay and keeping that in mind motivates me to conitue to work on mylot.
@RobtheRock (2485)
• United States
18 Oct 12
Hi rameshchow. I'm in the process of trying to get out of where I live. Being a writer, I spend time writing for publication. I live in what could be called a condemned house. My problem is I've started feeding wild cats. I started with a kitten. Next, I was feeding the kitten, mother cat, her husband cat, and another. Then the mother had two more kittens. And lately, she had three kittens but only one survived. So now I take care of 8 cats (4 kittens and 4 grown cats). Three of the kittens comes into my house. I enjoy them immensely because three of the kittens play with each other. So my BOOST is the kittens, my Myspace friend Jessie J, getting my stories and poems published, and enjoying Facebook, Twitter, Mylot, and other online friends. When I get on my feet financially and buy a house, then I will take the cats with me.
@dodo19 (33604)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
18 Oct 12
I find that, sometimes, staying motivated isn't always easy. There are days when it's fairly easy, at least for me. When I'm feeling as motivated, sometimes instead, I just try to take time to relax. Sometimes, it's just easier for me to take some time off, so that I can get motivated again.