Keep your teeth healthy

October 25, 2012 9:30pm CST
Good teeth always boost your confidence, and if they are beautiful then they will increase the beauty of a face. If you have bad teeth then you might felt a little bad about it. You may not be conscious about it but I think it affects us unconsciously. It can affect some people badly so it is good to have your teeth properly treated. It is about your self respect and one should do whatever they can do to get them in proper conditions.
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@sonusd (1548)
• India
1 Nov 12
Healthy teeth not only increase our beauteness, it also help us from various disease. when our teeth get weaker it started bleeding while doing brush and that can cause heavy pain. Also your mouth get infection for which youc an suffer from other diseases like headache,can not eat properly etc. Read out the article below to know how to keep your teeth healthy?
@youless (93655)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Oct 12
I feel very regretful that I didn't cherish my teeth when I was a child. So my teeth quality is not good. Even if today I try many methods to protect my teeth, but you know it just improves a bit but it can't change the fact anyway. I rather buy expensive products to protect my teeth because it is still less expensive to go to see a dentist. So today I really pay attention to my son's teeth and I hope he will have super good teeth when he grows up. This is the best gift.
• India
25 Nov 12
What expensive products did you buy? I do not buy anything special but if it is worth buying then I will try it. It is a wise decision to take care of your child's teeth from the childhood. All the Best.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
24 Nov 12
hi, yes it is true that teeth can give some beauty points for us,that is why i always brush my teeth twice everyday especially when i eat sweet foods like candies and chocolates,and aside from that i am afraid to go to the dentist removed my tooth decay.
• Philippines
3 Nov 12
A regular visit to the dentist is also important, have regular cleaning to keep your teeth from decaying. Also, avoid too much soda and sweets. regular toothbrushing is also a must. Having healthy set of teeth would boost your confidence as well. Thanks for sharing!
@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
29 Oct 12
Yes, i agree. Since it is a part of the face, it is one of the things that people can really see and notice once they meet you.. So people should really try their best to keep their teeth clean and white. It is hard to do though..
@celticeagle (119864)
• Boise, Idaho
26 Oct 12
So that must be my problem. lol BAD TEETH! I was never taught good oral hygiene when I was a child. In fact nothing was ever said to me about brushing. I am sixty years old now and probably have twelve teeth left. I have two abcesses and my doctor is nice enough to give me anti-biotics when i need them. I hate dentists! And it seems now that the longer I wait the more scared I become. I feel that getting a bridge or some other thing to help with the several problems I have in my mouth would be a waste of money. What i want to have done is my remaining teeth extracted and have dentures made. I am on SSD and cannot afford to have it done so I live with pain and embarrassment because I can't get my teeth fixed. And so I don't smile and open my mouth fully like in a full smile because I am embarrassed about my teeth. I hope to be able to get them fixed someday. So as far as a boost of confidence, self respect or proper conditions are not something I have right now.
@prashu228 (25504)
• India
26 Oct 12
Good teeth is very necessary these days. As people are just careless about their health and eating habits. We need to take extra care due to our eating habits which are just oily and fatty foods, should visit a doctor regularly .