paid for link assignment in blog. recommendations from any mylotter?

@mydanods (6740)
October 30, 2012 1:06pm CST
i know there are sites where you are given an assignment like keywords or key phrases so that when writing your blog you can insert this keywords or phrases as anchor or link text, after than when you show proof you get paid. is anyone participating on this paid link building sites? i was reading something about google panda update recently and i think the market should exist.
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• India
31 Oct 12
Hi mydanods, I think you are talking about sites like microworkers.There job providers are paying for blog posting with keywords what they are suggesting.I used to do this type of small postings having 50 or 100 words.But to do this job you should have a customized blog. You can see such a posting in my blog. The link is there in my profile.The postings are paid according to the rank of the blogs.
30 Oct 12
Hi Friend, Are you talking about keyword research(I use Adwords) ? If so, I do these tasks regularly on an application and suggest keywords to writers. I'l be paid 10 cents to 25 cents per each keyword I suggest to them. I like to these tasks because these are easy to do and get quick money.
@mydanods (6740)
• Nigeria
31 Oct 12
i never heard of keyword research. i thought information on keywords is so numerous that no one would pay for them. can you give me a link? site?