I can't sleep it is now 3:47 in the morning.

United States
November 2, 2012 3:13am CST
I just finished sewing a koolaid purse. I will decorate it in the day sometime. I need a hand sewing needle for the ribbon. I can take some pills and go to sleep but,I don't feel like it. I am so worried about my daughter last I heard she was locked out of her house and was on that really dark street with only a sweater and jeans on. it is really cold out there. i could not get to her and even if I could I did not feel like going. we keep going there to get her and she keeps going back. I want to give someone my credit card so I don't have it to take my daughter shopping. I know she has no way to get to my house every night to eat because she lives too far. plus she has to walk to the train which is in another state and town from where she lives. she also has no money left and the loser knows this. tonight he knew she had nothing for dinner and yet he left her in the house alone. she called me this morning and I had given her my credit card number to order pizza. I know the loser ate from that pizza as well. I feel like he should be taking care of her since she will not leave him. plus,when she had all that money she ran through it spending it on both of them. I did my budget and set aside a sum to give her for her needs. like personal items and such. but,today all she wanted was to smoke and I was told that she might be smoking dust..I don't know how t find this out either. but,a friend told me my daughter smoked some weeed and came to her house and was stumbling when she was walking like she was drunk. I also was told my nephew who she bought weeed from sells dust. so,today I just can't sleep because I am stressed over this child of mine. I also feel sorry for my sister who will get this post on her phone. but,if I find out he is selling dust to my daughter I am calling the highest of the high and reporting him. i don't care who gets in trouble my child is my life and I only have one daughter. so,he better not be selling my child dust. he should not be selling her anything period. but,dust I will get in his azz for. that stuff is killing her. she is not wearing a size 5. she looks like deaths door is near her. all her size 11 jeans I now have because I wear a ten. everyone is talking about how bad she looks. I feel bad but what can i say they are telling the truth. I was talking to adrian and my friend and both feel I am going to end up in the hospital over this girl. I am trying not to go there and pray i don't either. I really don't want to take her shopping to feed this loser so please advice e to do something else. she can't afford to come t my house to eat so that is out of the question. oh,i could buy her some train tickets but,what if she won't use them for food just to coe here and get high. oh lord help me. sorry I just ran on this long.
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@Tina30219 (34460)
• Onaway, Michigan
2 Nov 12
You are so right to worry about your daughter especially with her being your only child. She is doing this all herself she must love getting beat by this guy to keep going back. You need to worry less about her and more about yourself because I am sure you do not want to wind up in the hospital you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
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• United States
2 Nov 12
No I don't even want them to see me go back to the hospital and they will try to keep me longer. I have been there 9 times and the next time my doctor said he will not be seeing me again. I love my doctor.
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@Tina30219 (34460)
• Onaway, Michigan
2 Nov 12
If you start feeling bad and think you need to be seen and don't want to come on mylot and vent to your mylot friends we are all here for you. I come here some times when I need to get things off my chest and get advice it really helps.
@bunnybon7 (36901)
• Holiday, Florida
3 Nov 12
so sorry. wish i could help but iam only doing what i can and thats praying for yours and my 2 here that always causes grief for thenselves and me. i know how helpless you feel. my youngest son here has been talked to by my oldest a few times now. i had hoped he stopped drinking but i dont know. i thought also he was smoking pot /weed, but now my daughter says hes smolking spice. he chokes out smoking cigs. all the time but now im thinking it could be spice and its destroying his lungs. he dont listen either and nothing much i can do. just like you, just worry and pray. so im praying for both of us now. my friend.
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
2 Nov 12
you have got relieved of sleep and just because your mind is buzzing and over stressed,it makes you go sleepless,just hit the bed and close your eyes as of now and enjoy the pleasant dreams for sure
@celticeagle (118563)
• Boise, Idaho
2 Nov 12
She is the one that chose to go back to that loser. She is the one that wants to be there with him instead of with you where she is sage, fed, warm. How long are you going to bale her out? She is never going to learn to make good decisiions if you keep baling her out.