Should or shouldn't i join Talk Fusion

November 8, 2012 6:51am CST
Hi mylotters :) here i'm back online again to make some discussions and response . LOL And the topic now is.. Talk Fusion. Maybe some of you have known about that.. But for some who don't know i will explain it .. Talk fusion is a kind of mini level marketing (MLM). They sell video email, video communication, etc (you can see more in their website). About two months ago my friend referring this program to me.. He said that by paying joining fee 785$ everytime you have refer to someone else again you will get a bonus.. Its instant cash. And if i'm not wrong its about 10-15$ per person we get to join talkfusion and be our downline. At first seeing that i must pay 785$ to start thats so expensive and it will only distress my parents. So i declined the offer.. And the problem now is, they are (the one who offer me to join before and his friend who join it too) sit behind me in the class, and in the whole day, from morning 'till the end of school day, they keep talking about this. They talk like they are very success doing that Talk Fusion now. I know this is maybe some kind of jealousy of mine but it still seems like they do that to make us want to join talk fusion with them. And suddenly in the weekly girls magazine i always read there's an article about Talk Fusion. Its makes me angry having my mind think back about it. Maybe i should just accept the offer last time ? Or maybe i already chose the right path to not join it ? Because i know the consequency if i join that is maybe i will not get enough time to study because i will be busy attending seminar, or doing promotion. I know if i ask my parent again they will immediately say no. But the price they pay is just so.........yummy So if you are me, what will you do when you have a problem like this ? And what will you do when you thought back about things you have declined before ? Is that makes you angry too ? Please feel free to share your thoughts :) have a nice day~
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18 Nov 12
if you are asked for investing, just my suggestion, consider carefully my friend.. the invest site are easily becoming the scam site.. don`t you love your money and what is your reaction when you know that your invest site are closed and you didn`t get back your money?? so think twice if the site had asked the money with a huge amount like that